2017 Lexus RX 350 | CarGurus Test Drive Review


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Вичерпний опис відеоролика: Shop new Lexus RX 350 listings: https://goo.gl/dH2BgG The Lexus RX 350 gets Toyota’s Safety System + Package standard for 2017, and all versions can now …

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Дата опублікування: 2017-06-12 21:21:41

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  1. mreddieotis

    Lexus, has ruined their brand with that extra ugly front grill. I have owned three Lexus RX. I can no longer buy there product as it has become the most unattractive SUV-Car on the road. When I spoke to my dealer, he said that half of there customers like the new face grill but half really hate the new look and have left the dealer as customers. The Toyota/Lexus Chairman should be fired,as he has very little taste or knowledge of what the customer wants for the looks of there vehicle in North America.. To have lost half of there base is astounding. His board of directors must be political hacks, who are in the Chairman's back pocket.Bye,Bye Lexus…

  2. Vitamin- P

    Guys. Toyota, Lexus has never been known for making the best looking vehicles around, but rather extremely reliable ones. I for one would pick reliability over looks any day. I had two 4Runners, so I'm not just talking. There may be a lot of better looking vehicles out there , but few could match Toyota's dependability.

  3. David Hill

    Good review!

  4. GiovanniRomano

    This guy thinks he's George Michael

  5. donkeydicked

    Quite possibly the worst car review I've ever seen … so many errors … the painted plastic door trims?? are actually aluminium ! The rear seats have the most room in class but you had them fully forward and the front fully back trying to prove their is no leg room ?? Just bizarre … watch Alex Dykes for a clue about how to do a thorough review with actual facts

  6. damianpro14

    Your dog scared me in the back!

  7. Jacob Cook

    Lens rather invent equation view promising plant vote male commonly.

  8. bigden 2755

    Man, what an ugly vehicule…..

  9. Timothy Hsu

    there is a dog hiding behind the seats, it looks like San Jose

  10. Armari R

    Great review!! Can you guys review the 2017 Mazda CX-5?

  11. 123gwf

    Your review is perfectly fine, but the vehicle is just so boring that it is hard to enjoy the video.  Something about Lexus in general is just so boring and lifeless.  The vehicles just have no soul.

  12. b d

    Did he push the back seats all the way back? Leg room in the footage seems to be unusually small.

  13. Bongjo K

    Compare to 17 q7 which one drives more smoother and quieter?

  14. Jude Nwabueze

    Your dog seems to be enjoying the ride

  15. Blake Swan

    Great review. It blows my mind that such a large company like Toyota have the most dated and unusable tech. The Lexus is over priced now considering its had the basic same drivetrains since inception. The competition has really surpassed this. Even the less luxury options like the MDX for less money

  16. DriveAndBeDriven

    Neat review, Michael! The NX seems like a pretty solid entry in its class. Offer pretty decent performance, space and efficiency; without completely eating your wallet up! Keep it up, Car Gurus! ??-DriveAndBeDriven ?"The Quest To Record The Best!" ?

  17. Michael Perkins

    For more detail shots and upcoming cars, follow me on IG: mikedperkins