2017 Nissan Pathfinder | CarGurus Test Drive Review


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Вичерпний опис відеоролика: Shop new Nissan Pathfinder listings: https://goo.gl/WKae3y Nissan’s Pathfinder can handle a family and its stuff with the looks and capability of an all-wheel …

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Дата публікації: 2017-04-24 22:04:25

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  1. SaiRulez1

    Thanks for a nice review. I agree that the infotainment system is dated but fail to understand the constant hate this vehicle gets online from everyone. We own a 2015 model and are quite happy with it. This refresh addresses the omissions in my model year vehicle like the kick-to-open lift gate, led headlamps, forward collision avoidance and radar cruise control. Guess haters are gonna hate but don't know how many have actually test driven this one against the competition.

  2. 123gwf

    Weakest entry in the segment.  Nissan has effectively given up.  If it wasn't for the GTR, it would be hard to point to anything good that Nissan has done in the last 10 years.

  3. Baasil F.

    The front end doesn't look bad, but those all red tail lights do & they're not even LED. Wtf? Looks like the 1st gen. Rogue in the back… The 2013-2016 model looked better IMO

  4. JDubbs07

    This new exterior looks worse, imo. And that interior looks straight up OLD. I'd argue it looks worst in class

  5. Ivan Vojt

    Probably the most unreliable in it's class. No AA, or ACP. Ancient NAV. Ancient infotainment. Old Euro dash design from the Patrol being touted as "refreshed" for the US market.

  6. Thomas Aherne

    this car is actually pretty nice

  7. HALWG51

    Unfortunately the controls on the inside are identical to my 2012 Murano (read…out of date). Those controls date back even further than that. Prop rod for the hood, no struts, roof antenna, no shark fin, no dual exhaust. It's all old tech, and when I looked at one, all of those were a deal breaker for me.

  8. BryB

    my wife drives the 2017 Pathfinder and loves it! Nissan makes the best vehicles!

  9. lexusfan100

    Just one rear (parking bulb each side) at the back??? wtf…meh

  10. gary zhao

    You worked for Consumer Reports before?