2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review


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Bros FOURR Speed

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  1. Riku Soma

    Bullshit it's an automatic. If they only make automatics im not buying one. Look i know automatics are faster, but the manuals are REAL sports cars. Anything that has an automatic transmission isn't a REAL car. I want control over my gears. I want to downshift and floor it. I want to rev match it.

  2. Brutality110

    Calling it now. When all these new cars get older and these fancy display screens inevitably fail, it's going render the car useless unless you throw some insane amount of money at it for a replacement oem unit. Perhaps this is intentional, and out of apples playbook: obsolescence engineered in.

  3. Liam Dollar

    Thank you! This is the exact video I was looking for!

  4. Adem Hasanovic

    That color though?

  5. u mother pancit!

    16 gallon fuel tank is pretty small for a v8 the 370z comes with a 20 gallon tank. Youre basically filling up every 2 days

  6. 07wrxtr1

    Comments in comparing to your Nismo? Would you pay nearly $50k for it?

  7. PR14

    This guy deserves 100k+ subs

  8. TheNOGarcia

    You always get first dibs on new cars to make start up videos of. Keep it up man 🙂

  9. Kara G

    My only nit pick is they should have made the upper and lower grilles painted the same style of black, not one gloss and one matte….. who the hell thought that looked good?

  10. ArtOfSpeedd

    Gr8 review

  11. Santos Valencia

    Good video??

  12. Ahmet Ekrem

    Çok güzel bir alet kesin ilk alacagım arac bu olacak

  13. Quick Drive!

    What part of NC do you live in?

  14. Montster131

    First.. great video