2018 Hyundai Sonata | CarGurus Test Drive Review


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Детальний опис відеоролика: Search new Sonata listings: https://goo.gl/CmLMrN The Hyundai Sonata has offered a practical midsize sedan option for years now, with 2.0T trims adding a little …

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Дата опублікування: 2017-10-13 21:17:40

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  1. Blake Swan

    Doesn't really compete on anyfront with the new Accord or Camry. Those are the best sellers. This will sell sparsely. Very boring

  2. David Tierney

    Hyundai makes great cars, for great prices. Their last thing to work on are the sales tactics at their dealerships.

  3. Jaffar Abdul Baqi

    Any idea when the new Sante fe is coming out?

  4. Mike Harris

    I'll take a v6 Camry over a 4cylinder turbo any day.

  5. Joey Segreti

    Great review, I have a 2015 which I really love, it does everything I need it to do and does it extremely well. Does the 2.0T have start/stop technology and if it does can you turn it off like my wife’s 2017 Escape Titanium? I HATE START/STOP!! If it has it and it can’t be turned off (which is a pain in the ass) that would be a deal breaker and the 2.4 would be the option I would pick. Keep up the great reviews, thanks

  6. Steven Schnurman

    You might as well get a Ford Fusion for that sorry MPG result. For me, all signs are pointing to leasing a 2018 Accord. Upscale Interior good gas mileage good safety, highly adjustable driver's seat with 4-way lumbar? Barring a poor test drive experience coming up, it looks like Honda has me once again. I'm coming off of the VW diesel debacle. I did test drive the 2018 Camry and I did notice a more Germanic Driving Experience. It was nice. If Honda plays ball with its driver handling experience then that's the car for me.

  7. Daniel Payne

    Your car reviews are good…informative and pragmatic.  Thanks Chris!

  8. Ed Kelly

    Nice job on the review. I have owned 3 Optima's and still drive a Optima. Never had a problem. This car has made some nice improvments.

  9. Christopher Calder

    The Sonata is beautiful. The Camry is just weird looking, as if it is from another planet.