2018 Subaru Outback Test Drive


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Вичерпний опис відеоролика: The new 2018 Subaru Outback is finally here and we get to take it for a drive! Check out inventory at Groove Subaru: …

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Дата опублікування: 2017-09-05 23:53:53

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Groove Subaru

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  1. Gerard Cordero

    Can Subaru add front and rear parking sensors in the next Outback model?

  2. Lee Pinnguin

    pretend some don't know what Global Platform is and explain that again? Guessing it is the base frame being the same everywhere? I thought all cars did that?

  3. OPA Extreme

    I'm so close to getting one of these, and hearing they've softened the suspension, is actually a negative feature, cause it was already soft enough !! WTF ?! this may ruin my choice.. cause 2017 only scores 79g's if this one is lower, than it handles crappy, regardless of the awd system.. most competitors like ford Edge (i'm considering) is 81g's.

  4. Jerry Hiler

    How about doing a video on the Outback Touring 3.6R

  5. james seaver


  6. 宁香菊

    I am in China, I love Outback, the price in China 2.5 Limited is around USD56000. It is higher too much than US's.

  7. Caio Caldas

    Could Subaru merger with Toyota and make a somekind of alliance like Renault with Nissan ?

  8. Ryan Hunt

    Please do a test drive of a 18 legacy 3.6R

  9. DarKos33

    Thanks for this review Brendan. All of your Groove videos are so helpful and informative. For reasons of increased safety, better sound and style I traded in my 2016 OB Premium and picked up the 2018 Limited last week. You've confirmed my feeling that acceleration is a bit quicker, suspension is smoother and ride is quieter. I like all upgrades from the Premium trim, but not the omission of the mute button on the steering wheel. That was so handy with the flick of a thumb. Also, not keen on the decrease of radio presets from 36 to 18. Overall, I've enjoyed every mile this last week.

  10. Rizvi Rahman

    Wish these cameWith turbo.