2019 BMW 330i XDrive M Sport Test Drive Video Review


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Детальний опис відеоролика: Get a Price Quote: https://www.autobytel.com/bmw/330/price-quotes/ This is the redesigned 2019 BMW 3-series. You can only get it as a 330i for the 2019 model …

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Дата публікації: 2019-09-04 18:15:12

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  1. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    These cars have become so boring compared to pure EV that are way faster.

  2. 4784gperkins

    $59k for a 4 cylinder, no cooled seats, no heated rear seats, no android auto, hud that you can’t see and you still need to pay yearly for apple car play? And you see them all over the place. Sorry BMW, but no go for me. Nickel and diming customers for something that isn’t even that special. There are many other automakers out there who are working harder for my dollars.

  3. waltervila33

    Didn’t like that comment about the manuals really some of your viewers are stick shift driver’s so I would not alienate them

  4. amill1563

    Thanks Wardlaw!

  5. Christopher Calder

    What kind of video camera did you use for the close-ups on the dash? Very good color and contrast!