2019 BMW 540i: Start Up, Walkaround, Test Drive and Review


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  1. PetieD 7

    Recently took the delivery of my brand new Bluestone metallic (G30) BMW 540i xDrive M Sport with M Sport package+ (Incl. M Sport brakes), Napa leather, 20” BMW Individual wheel/tire option, adaptive LED lighting, and other great packages/options. I must say it is an exceptional vehicle. You must see it in-person to appreciate the looks, quality and the feel of awesomeness in driving dynamics. IMHO, I think for myself it was money well spent…if you appreciate this fine automobile, and have the means to do it.

  2. badgastein2

    Great information content. I have a 2019 640i, which is based on the 540i — both superb cars. Check out the Msport option — the Msport brakes are excellent as this is a fairly quick car and needs the additional braking.

  3. Darrion Tunstall

    I love the 2019 BMW 540i it’s very nice!!!! I enjoyed taking a ride in my brothers neighbor’s Tesla!! I love Electric cars!!!

  4. Just a Dad

    Favorite color Interior Great review. 👍👍👍

  5. Faisal stark

    Nice one

  6. Speed 4 You