2019 BMW X7 Drive 40i: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround and Review


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Детальний опис відео: This is the new 2019 BMW X7! Let’s drive it and see how it is! Bros FOURR Speed Apparel! https://teespring.com/stores/bfs-store?page=1 Help us reach 250000 …

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  1. Cary Coller

    I thought the 40i I is a 6 cylinder? He said 4.4 liter V8!

  2. Zorro

    You are young and I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit.  However, I would suggest you do your homework on the vehicle first.  Your information needs to be accurate to keep an audience.  For one thing, it's obviously the 6 cyl you are driving and not the V8.  That's a huge difference.  Base price for the V8 is $92K and you said this one was $84K.  Also, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Best wishes.

  3. eggeorge

    Dude you seem like an awesome reviewer, but this video seemed so rushed! Incorrect engine specs, completely skipped the fact that the third row had heated seats and USB ports, and the lock button on the trunk is meant to close the car and lock the doors, not close both trunks. Both buttons do that. Take your time a little more, you seem like you could make some really quality content!

  4. cizzane46

    Definitely a stunner from BMW. Beats every competitors.

  5. Bros FOURR Speed

    I had specs for the 50i and did a 40i…the 40i has a I6 and the 50i has the v8, sorry for the confusion. Two engine options are available. A 3.0L turbocharged 6 cylinder with 335 HP and the V8.


    Humm you said V8 but I am hearing a 6L…

  7. fg g

    The price to import this car to my country is so pricey sia $$$$$$$$$$

  8. Slay Lourde

    Do 2020 BMW 3 Series M340i