2019 Honda Accord Hybrid MPG Test Drive


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Вичерпний опис відеоролика: Sharing my real life driving experience for the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring. I’ll show what’s the avg MPG that I get out of my 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid …

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  1. Brian Kennedy

    I have a 2018 hybrid touring. I’m routinely getting over 47 mpg. If you really get in the habit of using the regenerative braking you can get in the high 50’s. Best mpg is off highways. If you’re doing a constant 70 mph you will get in the low 40’s. Only other car that did better was a diesel chevette.

  2. kumatown

    do you have to warm up the vehicle before you drive it? like after you leave it in the garage over night. or do you just start it, and take off.

  3. Robert Ham

    My old 2011 Camry hybrid was advertised as 36 MPG. It got 36. I used it for the same work route I use for my new 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring. Advertised at 47 MPG, but does not get more than 42. I have tried everything. Really a great disappointment. The Toyota got the MPG promised for my daily work, the Honda does not. While there are some great features, the MPG is a fail based on the Honda promise.

  4. Outlaws

    I get that in my LX

  5. Trysten Tempeste

    But what is your driving style and conditions to be getting this 41 figure? Are you an aggressive driver? Highway? City? Using climate a lot?