2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4 // Detailed review and test drive


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Повний опис відео: This is the rental car number 133 and today I’m driving the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. There’s more details below, but I just wanted to quickly say …

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  1. Michael Taylor

    Nicely done as always. Is there a wireless charging pad in this Jeep. Good job for pointing out the sticker on your hand 🙂 I like your shoes too!

  2. Ivan Vojt

    Blues Brothers that abandoned mall.

  3. Eleanor Massaro

    The safety features are available as an option on the Grand Cherokee. It’s referred to as the Jeep Active Safety group package😎

  4. Vincent D

    Awesome!!! You FINALLY reviewed MY car (well, a newer version of it)!!! The Enterprise version doesn't have 20" wheels like my 2014, but it DOES have ventilated seats up front and plenty of safety stuff that mine doesn't. The price for this one is actually around $46k with options. My 2014 Limited was $41k in 2014, and has the 20" wheels, navigation, and sunroof as its only options. A new GC is due out next year, and we could see it as early as the 2019 LA Auto Show in November. The GC is awesome on gas, we just took ours on summer vacation last month, and we didn't use a whole lot of gas! Reliable, too (ours has 126k miles and runs great)! 🙂

  5. S Shaver

    Wonderful review. I have to ask, what is your personally owned vehicle? (If you have one)

  6. TKE Wrestler

    It is good to see a new review. I have missed your reviews!

  7. DC

    The loaded up Grand Cherokees are genuinely luxurious.

  8. Florida bmw and jeep Srt and vw enthusiast

    I had this car as a rental a few months ago but mine was gray with fl tags on it it had 7,700 miles on it I loved the car i will trade my 13 grand cherrokee with 134,780 miles on it next year i will most likely get another grand cherrokee but my gf has been nagging me to get an suv with 3 rows of seats but I don’t have a need for one or want but if i get the grand cherrokee my gf will get an atlas Durango or kia telluride I also had a 2018 model laredo in white as part of my rental car voucher when my flight from Baltimore to Detroit was cancelled and my boss needed me in Detroit urgently so i took the rental car voucher got to the enterprise at the Baltimore Washington thurgood marshall airport rental car facility this was my first time using the enterprise at the Baltimore airport I’ve only used national hertz and budget in Baltimore anyways, the attendant brought out three vehicles a Mitsubishi Mirage which I didn’t want a Dodge Grand Caravan gt with 23,000 miles with mud on the exterior i took the caravan just as i was leaving the rental facility the attendant stopped me and said no no no I asked why and she said the tags are expired and that’s how I got my Jeep. I might use the enterprise at Baltimore Washington airport if only they have more cars available and less cars with expired registration because I have tried renting at the enterprise at bwi but they either have very little and the cars they do have always have expired registration. I frequently travel to Baltimore and Detroit for work as I actually live in fl.

  9. Car Geek

    Love your vids

  10. Car Geek

    Nice video

  11. Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always!😸😻😸

  12. Mike Morales

    Amazing how FCA just keeps chugging along with all these old designs. Only put any money into Ram trucks.

  13. ruth ferrell

    You told me long time ago you was gonna do a horn compilation. You have failed me 🙁

  14. David McQuien

    Wow!I'm the first viewer and likes