(2019) Malaysia TOYOTA VIOS 1.5G (AT) POV TEST DRIVE #toyotavios2019 #2019vios #toyotamalaysia


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Повний опис відеоролика: After 2 years of posting my most viewed video which is the 2017 Toyota Vios video, here’s the 2019 All new Toyota Vios POV test drive, you can also check out …

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Louis Siah

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  1. Louis Siah

    There's also a 2019 Toyota Yaris POV test drive: https://youtu.be/zvpMqRxtvL8And here are some timestamps for your reference:— Dashcam & 360 degree camera 0:35— Different driving modes 1:40— Material used on the door panel 2:28— Comments on steering feel 2:53— Non sport mode acceleration 4:00— Sport mode acceleration 4:20— Blind spot monitoring system 5:02— Acceleration while using shiftronic 5:42— Shiftronic stays in gear comment 6:08— Getting in as rear passenger 6:59— Rear dashcam 7:14— 2 USB chargers for rear but no rear air con vents 7:31— Acceleration from a rear passenger's perspective 7:52— Rear wind noise 8:36Thank you for watching! Check out my channel for other pov test drives.

  2. Wantasok

    what about the interior quality compare to rivals… and also its comfort level & driving feels compare to Honda City…

  3. Legolas

    bro, do one for Renault Koleos Thnks

  4. yuni ren

    Test Drive Nissan Serena!

  5. Chen Automotive Channel


  6. Skumbag Shaun

    How does it compare to the yaris?