2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Test Drive Video Review


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Повний опис відеоролика: Get a Price Quote https://www.autobytel.com/lincoln/aviator/price-quotes/ The new 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a midsize luxury SUV brimming with upscale design, …

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Час публікації: 2019-08-20 16:51:19

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  1. Melvin Stewart

    Pricey $$$$$

  2. Juan Tamad

    Car manufacturers should refrain from building vehicles with 3rd row seats!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam Sharma

    Yea but 90K is X7 territory, and if you don't need the last row, you might as well get a fully optioned X5 that can go 0-60 in under 5 seconds.

  4. mybro727

    $81,000 for a Black Label and concierge service?? $93,000 for an additional electric motor?? Smh. Now will people stop comparing this so closely to the Cadillac XT6??2020 Cadillac XT6 and 2021 Cadillac Escalade will both sell very well. But the Lincoln Aviator will cannibalize Navigator sales.

  5. Jim Cole

    Nice but sorry I have 81k better to spend on other then a Lincoln

  6. satish kumar

    get the price down to 55k and possibly u will see some sales, or else shut the front door

  7. J Moore

    Very well-executed SUV! Especially the interior, which brilliantly resembles the Navigator's world-class interior design! I'm usually turned off by all these Crossovers and SUVs saturating our highways, but this is one of the few exceptions!!

  8. James P

    $81 000 is steep for a Lincoln, but remember: after several weeks of high demand, there will eventually be cash on the hood to move these units. As well, there is always a segment who can afford a BMW, Mercedes or Ranger Rover but feel they are too ostentatious so will go for one of these instead.

  9. ant sala

    if that's the same 10 speed in the explorer… no thanks

  10. Mr piston Recaro

    Rather have this than any European.

  11. Daniel Gross

    Lease a handsome Aviator, or buy a mundane Lexus or Acura? A family member owned a MDX and it survived 200k miles and life on mountain trails to ski cabins occasionally. Not certain Lincoln will provide that peace of mind.

  12. Pavel D1

    Ok if I had 81k to spend on car ,it wouldn't be a Lincoln …

  13. Mike Hoard

    Another amazing SUV from Lincoln. We have two MKZ's and love them. Both have been great cars.

  14. QUEENSNY121

    Wanted an Aviator but chose a 2019 Lincoln Mkt in Burgundy Velvet, I like but will see if I can an Aviator in a couple of years pre-owned.

  15. Stu Kline

    It's too bad Lincoln can't seem to get it's brand going. They're really making great looking cars.

  16. amill1563

    Thanks Wardlaw.

  17. DangerousDan

    What a handsome suv inside and out. THIS is how you do American luxury!

  18. muhammad naveed

    Reliability, Reliability, Reliability ?????The only million dollar question not answered,