BMW Z4 M40i Roadster G29 (ENG) — Test Drive and Review


Дивіться просто зараз в режимі онлайн: BMW Z4 M40i Roadster G29 (ENG) — Test Drive and Review

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Marek Drives

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  1. kevin n

    I think the ext design of this car is fine from the side or rear but the front is busy and kind of awkward. Nice shots from the drone? and on the front hood. Do you have a pola filter? Always enjoy your videos Marek!

  2. Iron Warrior

    I really like the shape and the interior is a massive upgrade on the E89 (which I own) but I'm disappointed the new Z4 only comes in automatic and I don't like the soft top, as it ruins the lines of the car. I still prefer the hard top.


    Like the dinosaur T shirt.

  4. minnie saab


  5. Agent Smith

    Great car

  6. alliejr

    Isofix mounting points? You're allowed to put a child seat in the front seat in Europe? In the U.S. that is not allowed.

  7. Allan Ø.N.

    What car do you prefer… MX5 or the Z4?

  8. Da StormtroopeR

    Sry but I enjoyed more the beautiful landscape while watching. 😁

  9. J J

    Great review! Love the frozen orange paint. Keep up the good work!

  10. P Pp

    I drove the car as well on a weekend trip together with a friend who already drove/ owned cars like M4 or 991.1 Carrera S. Both of us were really surprised by the interior (in a positive way) and for him the new Z4 was clearly a great sportscar.Of course it is not a beast like the M4 or a weapon like the 911, but in its league (Boxster 718,… ) it doesn't need to hide when it comes to driving dynamics.But anyway, interesting how different people have made different experiences with the car

  11. Mathew Davies

    Can you do a review of the 30th Anniversary MX5?

  12. Mathew Davies

    Thanks for adding the mpg to this. (out of interest is the standard gallon or US Gallon?)

  13. fofocho71

    The quality of your videos is amazing, much better than most of famous car reviewers

  14. Top Reviewer

    It’s a 1,600 kilos whale for carrying 2 people. Exhaust from the speakers Lol! The cockpit looks big for a 165 cm tall guy. The front end looks like Fiat 124.

  15. Alex Alex

    I am surprised that some claim it isn't a sportscar, while it is quicker then the previous M2 on the Nürburgring…But sure, it is a comfortable compromise compared to the boxter.

  16. swansea007791

    Do not get the leather seats, they get very hot in the sun and will fade and crack.

  17. SzymiX

    Czemu po angielsku ??

  18. Tata Misio

    kurde… i don't speak english ;( ale auto fajne 😉