Citroen C3 Aircross — is quirky the new black? (ENG) — Test Drive and Review


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Детальний опис відеоролика: Citroen C3 Aircross is another small crossover, which replaces a small minivan (C3 Picasso). It features funky, quirky, love-it-or-hate-it design. Citroen C3 Aircross is spacious inside, compact…

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Час публікації: 2017-12-22 14:00:08

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Marek Drives

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  1. Snowpeak74

    28000 for this ugly frog? For what? The hill descent maybe? Hohoho.. No way, not in this life.

  2. Johnny_MacArthur

    Ok, panorama, automatic, top trim as it seams but still for that class and a citroen (which I like or want to like but cant sometimes) that is way too much. Ou and are the headlights halogen ffs…

  3. blackduck5054

    under power why would you buy this cost to high haha and someone will buy it

  4. GerD Ne

    Have a nice Christmas!

  5. Sonnenschein Sommer

    Do you have a very big bin? Big enough for this "car"? When I heard the price I wanted to click away the video, that's just a very, very stupid joke from psa, but your surfing music is too nice to listen 😀 Since I had a very bad experience with a c4 cactus I do not trust a citroen anymore (horrible!!! clutch and gear shift, gas pedal and brake too close together for big shoes (had to drive shoeless), rubbish satnav, radio-volume knob turned on itself frequently! and if I hear now, the air con whines: NO THANKS

  6. Da StormtroopeR

    I don't know how it is in Poland, but if you buy a year or a two year old car, the Aircross will be much cheaper than the T-roc — here in Germany.

  7. Huw Williams

    I'm not THAT excited by it. Mainly because I don't like that HVAC system with its noisy and inefficient operation and very awkward control through the touchscreen. Its not that I am unaccustomed to a touchscreen, because I have a Volvo XC90 and love that system. For heat in the Volvo I just tell it whether I'm hot or cold and it will adjust one degree either way, or I just say "temperature 23 degrees" and it adjusts to that.  In truth I prefer the style of the Peugeot 2008 and 3008 to these Citroens. If only I could actually get out of the Peugeots!! I keep hitting my head on the doorframe no matter how I try to exit. No mention of this in your Citroen review, so I presume it not to be a problem.

  8. Myrddin Triguel

    Until I saw one driving on a public road I thought this was some kind of bad joke from Citroën. Sadly, it's not. RIP Citroën

  9. Mike Chalmers

    Up to your usual standard, thanks and the fact you say you'd see one on your drive, quite a compliment! Just a shame they don't offer an auto on a diesel.

  10. g00dfeeling

    Nobody complains about stupid VW design, but when it is about this beauty there is always some criticizer as soon as I scroll through the comments. That's why I adore Citroen, they will always provoke average people. Can't wait to introduce new C6 for Europe.

  11. Christian Schumacher

    If I had to chose in the B SUV segment, I would go for the C3 aircross instead of one of the cars of the Volkswagen corporation.It has more character, looks better and is more sympathic. Volkswagen claim to build "premium quality" and try to make customers believe to buy a "perfect car". But PSA actually builds reliable cars. Besides that there is no such thing as a perfect car. There is just a car that's perfect for me and my taste and my purpose. After a long journey of finding the successor for our very good and reliable Peugeot 208 we finally ordered a Peugeot 308 SW.What had made the decision difficult is the discussion about emissions (NOx with Diesels and particles with turbo petrols).The Peugeot 308 puretech 130 is one of the first cars to fulfill Euro 6d temp. VW are announcing the petrol particle filter, Peugeot are actually building them in now. The brand new Polo won't have it before September 2018.I only can advise to not buy a new turbo petrol car without filter anymore. The same counts for Euro 6 diesels even if they already have the scr system. The vast majority of those Euro 6 diesels with ad blue injection has serious problems with NOx. They are clean only on paper unless they fulfill the Euro 6 d which the new Peugeot 308 bluehdi 130 does. Yes, there are (very) few new Diesels which are clean also on the real road, like Mercedes E 220d for example. So watch out when buying a new car. Make sure to get a really modern car with the lowest possible emissions. Just the Euro 6 badge is not enough.

  12. David Nicholas

    In the UK the C3 Aircross defeated the Seat Arona in a group test…..hand on heart Marek what would you choose ?….. The C3 with 130 bhp gets my vote 🙂 funky and stands out

  13. ILIJA1993

    28000 euros for a 1.2 petrol?????Crazy expensive! Mazda cx-5 2.0 in top level equipment is just 2000€ more.

  14. Mario Kajin

    For a family of four people this little boy is just good enough for almost all the needs. It looks cool imho and it is safe enough, techie enough, comfortable enough, thirsty enough and with all the quirks is French enough. Modern Citroens have this happy face ? that makes you happy ?. Just the price point makes you grumpy ?. Thanks for the great review and I wish you happy happy holidays.

  15. exwife called

    Anyone interested in this car should probably look into the facelifted c4 cactus, new " magic carpet" suspension and better materials, less ostentatious design. What is your opinion about it, why c3 aircross over the new c4 cactus facelift?

  16. Ludwig Pflug

    I don't like the design, but abroad from that it could be a good car. I think it will find it's ways to the customers. BTW again, a really good review 🙂

  17. Arto Kiiskinen

    says he like sthe car and considers buying it. Spends the entire video complaining.

  18. tomislav dvorski

    Thanks Marek…Honest like allways…