Kia Seltos 1.6 diesel test drive(English dubbing)


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Детальний опис відео: Seltos is the first global small SUV from Kia. Through Seltos we can predict Kia’s future newcomer, Mohave, Sorento, Sportage. And the blueprint is very good.

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Час опублікування: 2019-07-19 00:21:49

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  1. Abinash Pattanaik

    So the international version gets the 1.6 crdi 135 bhp version and india gets the 1.5 115ps crdi version😑🙁 disappointed

  2. Subrata Kumar Das

    Engine is the core of the vehicle.What is the vehicle stability at higher speed, engine refinement & does it hav smooth gear shifts ? Can u show night test drive , what is headlight brightness at night ?Love Kia Seltos frm India 🇮🇳

  3. Venku Badagi

    Gtk price?

  4. David Carson

    Good review…and you're English is fine

  5. Saurav Singh

    In India we expected soft touch plastics and over all a good quality interior. A bit disappointed as the rivals are offering much more .

  6. Shashank Singh

    Very nice but want to hear diesel sound.i have subscribed

  7. Brian Song

    항상 응원합니다.!!

  8. Charles Peter

    Nice vedio…. Can you review petrol version and review.. Can you sent me brochure of kia And wanted to know overall experience on kia seltos and the company…. Coz it's new to Indian market… Support from India… 😍

  9. JITHU G

    Indians 😁 Kia 💕 is most anticipated vehicle in India 😍 hopefully they won't disappoint with the pricing.. Love ❤️

  10. SpellBound

    Just Pre-Booked one right now from India. This is the best review available so far. Looking forward to your next clip ! Awesome Job!! 😀

  11. saketh

    Subscribed and thank you for english ❤

  12. Wonchul Choi

    영어 리뷰도 하시는군요 😀👍👍👍👍

  13. stephen Rohit

    Great work , you can compare the features with the global Seltos variants so that it appeals to a wider audience

  14. Aswin C.K

    Very well appreciated 👍👏👏 Love from India 🇮🇳

  15. babi raj

    Good.I think korean version has slight difference in features especially electric parking brake omitted in Indian version(not bad thing cost cutting and more practical in our conditions).But indian version has flat bottom steering.Any way your review is needful keep it up,thanks for English.

  16. Kia Seltos

    Great work. You translated to english