T-Mobile Test Drive Coolpad Surf Unboxing


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Дата опублікування: 2019-09-04 04:42:54

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Aloha Android

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  1. Peggy Saario

    Did you have trouble getting service connected? I received test drive 3 days ago and have not had success with it connecting. Many different reps over the last 2 days and last one will try sending a new SIM card. I hope it will work then. Glad yours works.

  2. Woolfy

    I get 1 — 4 mb even while on 5ghz. Was really hoping to switch if the network was good I'm my area

  3. Scott Thompson

    Mine is coming later today I'm getting excited!!!! I appreciate T-Mobile for doing this I'm super curious about the speeds but I'm 100% sure visible is still gonna be number one for me lol 😉 AWESOME video man!!!! 😉

  4. Altered Tech

    Can't believe they gave this out for free. TMobile isn't too great in my house as well but in NYC it's ridiculously fast. I still gotta try visible. Good informational video bro.

  5. LinoWolfeh

    I avg 57gb a day so I would get to try for 7 hours x3