Test Drive 1979 Malibu $7,950 Maple Motors


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Детальний опис відео: 1979 Chevrolet Malibu V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power disc brakes, air conditioning, tilt steering, cowl hood, spoiler, tint, lowered …

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Дата публікації: 2019-06-24 21:11:35

Повна тривалість відео: 9:3

Maple Motors Nick Southgate

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  1. Jack Vegetables

    Oh yes its a chevrolet

  2. Terry Broadway

    I had a 79 mine came with a 267 awesome car

  3. Curt Thacker

    This would look great with a good metal worker to tuck those bumpers in some

  4. Chevy Guy350

    Could you do a video of the 66 or 67 Ford Fairlane green color ?

  5. joshua poniktera

    That shout out to your Grandfather was really cool.

  6. PlayBoy KGballin

    I'm an impulsive buyer I need to un sub lol nice

  7. Mike

    Id buy it then 1st thing Id do is paint it white or silver bc both colors go good with red interior, Id also get rid of the vinyl top, then Id put some 19" rims on it and a magnaflow exhaust system installed n after that Id be left with a really cool cruiser. Then maybe if I got bored with it Id put a used LS1 into it and a turbo 400 trans and if I got really bored Id get t-tops installed if possible but i honestly think that'd be a waste of $ unless your Trump lol. For less than $10K its a good platform to start with, if you're lookin to do some personal customization…

  8. FlunkyMuellerComeyClownShow

    Thats an $ 8000 car all day

  9. Don Aaron

    Can you post a video of that blue 67 camaro convertible in the back please

  10. Martha Reyes

    I want it

  11. klatch365

    Nice finally a car in my price range

  12. cheese chisel

    I bought a crappy, super worn out 250k-mile 79 Malibu in 1989 at a garage sale in driving condition for $50 haha — I ended up daily driving it for nearly 2 years and the next owner drove it for years — a fun, comfortable car to own and drive, unbelievably easy to maintain I believe someone will be happy with this car, I can see it being on the road a long time