Test Drive | Carenado Cheyenne III


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Вичерпний опис відеоролика: Join us as we Test Drive the Cheyenne III from Carenado as we fly from Monument Valley to Sodona. YouTube Giveaway Link: https://wp.me/p90tb5-5ua Please …

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Час публікації: 2017-11-24 21:12:15

Повна тривалість відеоролика: 20:54

Aus Flight Simmer

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  1. Agustín Castro

    ¿ is GTN 750 compatible with this plane ?

  2. scisimmer

    Nice one Shane. Love me some twin prop 🙂 Great scenery too!

  3. Silver Myth

    https://emojipedia-us.s3.amazonaws.com/thumbs/320/apple/76/police-officer_1f46e.png That loooong landing merits an infraction. 🙂

  4. MG AviationNZ

    What a big puppy she's and a bad ass turboprop indeed. Got to love the sound she makes from the outside :), I enjoyed your flying… Also what's the soundtrack that you use for your introduction I really like it and it's very catchy

  5. Maxkillers

    11:30 quickest montage ever… accident?

  6. KTV

    Nice video and thanks for the competition, some great prizes.

  7. Global Aviation

    Awesome video! Great footage! Liked and subscribed! Love it if you could sub back! Thanks

  8. Gabriel Logan

    What's the trim wheel like ? Does it know where it is going ?

  9. JJW AntiguaAviation

    Nice Looks like the king air

  10. Jay Ferris

    Great review and I agree that it's time for Carenado to up the game on the cockpit button sounds, still they do produce good quality aircraft. I'm always a sucker for Pipers and the Cheyennes are impressive aircraft. I'm still getting familiar with this one but I love it's little brother the Cheyenne ll.There is a Cheyenne 400XL that flies into my local strip on a weekly basis and I love watching it take off, the pilot must know folks are watching cause he flies it like a fighter, his climb angles are positively amazing. Money really does have a few minor advantages,,,,sigh. Keep up the fine work Shane, cheers!

  11. PuddingSimulations

    Nice Video!

  12. Jim Clark

    Engine startup doesn't sound right at all!

  13. Karoli Evans

    Excellent Video. Sold. Thank you.

  14. Tris Trance

    I seen like 2 or 3 of those in real life 😉

  15. TheCreativeSubject

    Haha, Pretty Early. Now to watch the video