Test Drive POV Bmw E60 530I N52 258BHP A true Beauty & A Pleasure To Drive 6 Cylinder Inline


Перегляньте просто зараз в режимі онлайн: Test Drive POV Bmw E60 530I N52 258BHP A true Beauty & A Pleasure To Drive 6 Cylinder Inline

Вичерпний опис відео: in this video we go out on a test drive in my bmw e60 530i n52 258bhp and I show you how my car drives literally perfect compared to many out there that dont …

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BMW Doctor

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  1. Adrian Culici

    Looks fantastic mate, but i think i can keep up with my n52b25 🤔 just that i will have 13mpg and you 25mpgs 😂. Mate dont sell the car , i want to learn everything about n52 that can be learned so do others . Looking forward for next video

  2. Vladi

    Lovely looking super clean car

  3. maz malik

    YES THE BEST E60 IN UK…..I KNOW GUYS I'VE BEEN VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE SAT IN THE DOC'S CAR. Very important information in this video folks……..especially the fact that ONE GUY ONLY has done ALL the work.!!!!!! Cannot relay to you just how important this is as your car will speak volumes as a result of this. Another important factor is ORIGINAL parts as they allow the car to work within BMW tolerances. Guys again let me reiterate to you just how immaculate this car is…..power comes from no revs at all and is whisper silent and rattle free. Incredible video and always a pleasure to see the master in action. 💎💎💎💎

  4. Matthew Barnes

    I'll support your channel with the decals on the rear window man.

  5. Matthew Barnes

    Brilliant car man drives like a dream by the looks of it keep them coming sir.

  6. Lesley Fernandez

    Didn't you sell this car recently?

  7. Johnny Neumann

    My n52b25 is running perfekt as well.Got the engine reworked, new seals, valves and stuff, but most importantly NEW pistons! No more oil Problems, no strange noises, ist just Sounds so goood .Wasnt cheap though…. paid 6000€ in germany… (including News Clutch and stuff)… totally worth it for my 14 year old car haha xDGotta love those 6 Zylinders .

  8. Joe Clift

    Beautiful car man! Keep the awesome vids coming!

  9. link42149

    Mad respect she’s a beauty, Owner of a BMW 530i 2007 N52 as well 🤙🏻

  10. lynn guillame

    Dean I know the car is staying with you!

  11. Merckey Doodle

    Tell them how it is dean that’s what I like about this channel no ballshit just straight to the point and any more mods coming up on the e60 then?

  12. Matt Hunnell

    Dean…you know how much I love you… but I hate you just a bit bc i cant get that damn thing here on the east coast of the USA

  13. Kevin Vandevelde

    excellent car 👍

  14. Ebube Alphonsus

    Great video… wish we had brand new oem parts here… mine is an e53 4.4i with m62tu engine. shout out from Nigeria …

  15. Michael Robinson

    Great video mate your car is beautiful 👍my X3 n52 runs great so far no problems going to get transmission fluid changed pretty soon.sorry I missed your last live I fell asleep