Test Drive Unlimited Platinum — First 34 minutes of Gameplay


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Повний опис відео: The first 34 minutes of gameplay of Test Drive Unlimited Platinum mod. Features new physics, over 880 vehicles, new radio stations (muted due to copyright …

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Дата опублікування: 2019-05-20 14:50:52

Повна тривалість відео: 34:13


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  1. IsuckAtDriving

    Let me know if you want to see more TDU Platinum videos!Timeline:
    0:39 — Character selection
    0:54 — Intro cutscene
    3:17 — Renting a car at V-Rent
    4:15 — Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X gameplay
    5:52 — Buying a new house
    6:31 — Buying my first car
    7:51 — Fiat Coupe 2.0 20v Turbo Gameplay
    9:30 — First Race (Rookie's Race)
    13:39 — Second Race (Halawai Boulevard)
    18:37 — Buying my second car
    19:40 — Honda Integra Type R (DC2) gameplay
    20:05 — Lidia
    22:46 — Time Race (Return on Investment)
    26:44 — Ferrari Enzo Vehicle Transport mission
    32:33 — Spoon Honda Integra Type R conversion

  2. MrSno 910

    Damn i played this game a Long Time ago and graphics looked Nicer then

  3. ŻuKu PL'ayer

    Much respect for putting NFS Porsche Unleashed music into this. It was a game from my childhood. :')

  4. Dawid Miąsko

    hahaha what the fuck ? whats wrong with you dude ? Graphics from PS 3 ? PS 2 ? Fuck ***

  5. Syphrin Rayne

    Now that I think of it, I never saw anything saying if ISAD was either Male or Female.

  6. Kacey

    God, this looks fantastic. Time to replay it I suppose.

  7. MasterGun 2006

    6:43 Car dissapeared that was standing in the back

  8. cucky cuckcuck

    wow. looks like turd

  9. Fudge

    How old is this game?

  10. Heaven Lanes

    Is the NFS Porshe Unleashed music actually in the game? I can't say it's edited in.

  11. Ya Grandad Pc gaming

    Do I need tdu1 standalone for this and if I do where can I get it I’m desperate to get this

  12. Varshan Muhunthan

    Wait when picking your first car, why are the top speeds for each car completely out of wack? A stock Cayman reaching 246 MPH?! Or the Corvette at 236? Or even the Jeep at 166? Am I missing something here?

  13. Jordan Allen

    Sexy girl that is Mr nice gameplay by the way

  14. DoubleT4596

    soon as i saw all the car variety i was sold, need this mod now.

  15. 2007 Civic Euro

    When tdu 3 release?

  16. devin hott

    Honestly im suprised to see an sc300 in this game I own one a feel like hardly any games have it

  17. jaysanj152

    This game aged like a fine wine… can't say the same for the character models tho but they still had their details.Hopefully we will get Test drive 3 with current graphics.It could easily be a really good rival to Forza horizon series as I remember for its time,the test drive game has tons of content.


    Out of all cars you buy that fugly ass fiat?!!

  19. Guilherme

    Only major problem with this game is that the races are WAY too easy

  20. Bryan X

    Looks like gta vice city

  21. Dat Finnish Guy

    Is these all a mod? 🙁

  22. Icky

    fuck forza, fuck nfs, fuck the crew. we need a new tdu. no cringy bullshit, no transforming into a boat, no stupid fortnite dances, no corny dialog, no cars racing jets. just a nice place to drive around a lots of cool cars. i loved tdu because it didnt take itself so seriously. /rant

  23. Dominik D

    That game was awesome, but playing it now just hurts my eyes

  24. Andrew Ouellette

    why are the car sounds better than forza horizon 4 car sounds?

  25. Tim Dev

    All I wanna know is… do the right/left indicators work?

  26. wildekotJg

    so this isn't modded ? they really add new cars or is this a mod ?

  27. Crepitus

    looks as wooden as the day it was released.