Try T-Mobile FREE 30 Days With T-Mobile Test Drive!!!


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Вичерпний опис відео: Try T-Mobile FREE 30 Days With T-Mobile Test Drive!!! T-Mobile has announced T-Mobile Test Drive where you can try them out for free!! Check out T-Mobile …

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Josh Quinonez

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  1. Jezra

    I signed up and received the device; I have yet to see a speed test result over 1Mbps down, and the t-mo support is non-existent

  2. Bat Jackson

    I switch to T-Mobile a week ago so far I’m liking it I’m finally back with them

  3. gustavo acosta

    I had Verizon but i never had service with T-Mobile it’s crazy speeds love them

  4. Phil PJ Davis

    Do you know what Tmobile branded store means? Official corporate or non corporate store? I'm thinking about a walk in but i want a corporate store.

  5. Kabba45

    Dont you have to cancel a subscription or something because it says you have to opt out within the 30 days if someone that has used this can answer me I'd be happy.

  6. Denis Marciniak

    How do you connect to hotspot. Is it just a wifi hot spot? Can i connect with different devices? Or do I have to provide some phone Numbers?

  7. Darryl Buffkin

    Hey Josh. 6 years ago in my city coverage was spotty. I'll give it a try as Verizon is good but sick of their no deals . Always buying at bestbuy .much better deals. How do I get one? Thanks. Another great video by Josh da man:)👋

  8. Julio Johnson

    I've been with T-Mobile for about 4yrs I believe. An I do enjoy their service and overall customer service. I don't have dropped call. Data is pretty snappy and quick even when I'm about to be throttled. (I hit 50GB in a month a few times) I will say they are definitely making strides to improve which I do like. I pay about $125/mo for myself, which includes everything…minus international. Price also includes warranty for phone.One thing I do love about T-MOBILE is the T-Mobile Tuesday app. Has some pretty useful perks 👍

  9. Jeradiah Williams

    I've had TMobile for a few years and I love it. I'm not changing it

  10. akshay saini

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  11. David Gill

    Made the switch 2yrs from Verizon and never looked back!! Love my T-Mobile!!

  12. Eduardo Estrada

    Josh Quiñones cada vez que viajo a CA Palmdale no tengo señal con T-Mobile 🙁

  13. John Covaciu

    Tmobile is #1.

  14. Big John Tech Reviews

    That's a cool concept, will be giving it a try. Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it goes 👍 Up bro

  15. Sanjay Kumar

    Josh Quinonez❤ squad😍✌✌